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Concealedesigns represents an alternative design reality to that of the days of early statehood, asking how Israel’s major symbols would look if Jewish immigrants from Arab countries had designed them.

Concealedesigns is an intermediate summary of a quest for an Israeli-Mizrahi design culture. The project brings to light that which had been concealed for many years, while also exploring the consciousness and art of artists born in Asia and Africa. These artists, who lived in a different creative and cultural environment, present an alternative design of Israeli symbols of state, authorities, and institutions.

The design guidelines for this project were to integrate between the Jewish world of content and the Arab esthetics that surrounded them, and combine these with the hope for redemption and their new life in the State of Israel. The designs are based on knowledge of crafts, calligraphy, jewelry making, and embroidery, all brought to Israel by these immigrants.

Concealedesigns highlights the glory of arabesques and the wealth and complexity of Mizrahi style. As part of this bringing to the forth, it presents special designs of Hebrew letters that had been created by Jews of Arab-speaking countries, especially Yemen and Morocco, a style that Israeli statehood concealed.  

Israel’s Flag

Israeli Passport

Cities: Haifa, Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva

Bank Of Israel

Israel Defence Force - Army badge

El Al Israel Airlines

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ConcealDesigns started as a final project in my 4th year of studies. The project was directed by The Designer and Typographer Oded Ezer.

Photography: Sasha Eidelman
Shany Dvora